The Mystery




God is absolute truth. When we stray from the Divine, we end up with the default and there are no other options. If we operate in our own understanding and follow our own will, we automatically represent the default system. The default is a system built upon human nature with those who refuse to surrender their life and embrace God’s perfect instructions. Our brain is directly connected to our will and they love to work together in the default. It really messes with our carnal nature when we attempt to unplug the “hard drive” that controls our desire and install a new operating system that functions only with God’s will. This old nature is nicknamed the “old man” because it is the spirit we were born with and who controlled us until we were born again. Human intelligence has been very comfortable working with our emotions and the world’s system of spiritual independence from God. With the devil’s influence as ruler of the dark kingdom along with the willingness of humans to rebel against God, together they formed a belief system based on the pride of their intelligence. This is the system we face everyday with our legal system, our education system, at work, with fellow employees, with family members, the news and the constant bombardment of political correctness – and yes even in the church. This is the enemy we are at war with because it is trying to force us to obey its knowledge that is built on rebellion. It desires to tempt us, provoke us and control us to bow down and worship its image. But just like the Hebrew children we must resist its persuasion even if it brings persecution because if we are living in God’s Divine reality then Jesus is standing in the fire with us! Amen!

The religious world has always been an imposter of the church like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It incorporates some of God’s word like icing on a cake to make it look beautiful but the cake underneath is filled with fleshly control and sinful carnality. Religion tries to do good things without sacrificing the default system in their own heart. Instead of laying down their will and allowing God’s presence to live through them they operate in the deception of double-mindedness. Of course when someone lives a hollow shell of truth and a crisis comes they have no spiritual substance to believe and no faith to extend because they have not built a personal relationship with Jesus. “Naturally” they turn to the default system in times of trouble and follow the directions of those who live according to this world’s knowledge which is the opposite of God’s solution. Religion teaches it is alright to sleep on the couch and watch tv and indulge in the pleasures and distractions of sin. Religious people love the easy, comfortable lifestyle where the bible stays on the shelf. They do not worry about decrees or confessing their destiny or being constantly aware of God’s presence. They were taught that miracles ceased when Jesus died and that Pentecostal power is only for the fanatics, the weird and the uneducated. They were not instructed about having the mind of Christ, how to pray or worship in Spirit and truth because they were promised they held the golden ticket to heaven. It is very sad to realize that the masses are being brainwashed by the default system and are being destroyed from the lack of knowledge of God’s truth.

Satan is doing everything he can to slap God in the face. He already holds the world in darkness but is putting all of his resources into preaching defeat into the ears of God’s people. He wants the Christians to believe they are peasants, begging and crying with depression and discouragement. This is an insult to God and makes His word appear to be untrue. The devil’s strategy is to cause the church to go to sleep and be crushed while the victory lives inside of them. All they need to do is believe it, speak it and walk it! God say’s there is nothing that cannot be accomplished in the Divine reality of His presence and as a man thinks in his heart – so is he! But, the devil knows that for Christians to stagger around in despair and ignorance, is the greatest insult and defeat to God’s plan for His church. You see, when the world sees a Christian they should observe The Father and His Divine reality which is FULL of positive power, glory, victory and truth! Not spiritually sick, weak, confused, lethargic and defeated. Satan hates to see God’s people living the abundant life in front of the world because he knows their witness will prepare divine appointments for the Holy Spirit’s conviction work. He knows the world desperately needs to SEE Jesus and that is what he is fighting night and day to stop! If the devil can hinder God’s people from actually living out what they understand – he can keep the world in bondage and cause the most damage to the development and progression of God’s Kingdom. The Lord is waiting for His remnant to rise up and REPRESENT who He is! It is time the pastors of God’s churches throw out the human default programs and allow the super-natural manifestations of God’s anointing and Shekinah Glory. The church has been taught that the devil is lurking in the shadows of a dark alley; they cannot see that he went to seminary, put on a suit and became a teacher of “default” theology. Pastors who are not on fire and completely sold out for God’s presence will teach the lukewarmness of a dead religious illusion. Leaders are always RESPONSIBLE for what they say and how they live. Selah.

The default system is the nature of the anti-christ! It has brushed the truth about living perfect before God under the carpet and replaced it with secular programs as a way to kick God and fight against His cause. The religious church is deceived as they stand looking up at the sky waiting for God to do all the work. They hold the golden ticket waiting to be rescued while He waits for them to do what He died for them to do. But, what happened to the Covenant keeping God that longs for an intimate relationship with us like He had with Abraham? What happened to the God of war that blessed and encouraged David to victory over ALL of his enemies? What happened to the God of Elijah that had the faith to speak God’s truth and call down fire from heaven to prove God was real? What happened to the Jesus that healed ALL who cried out to Him in faith, who raised the dead and spoke to the wind? HE IS THE SAME as He has always been; it is the people that have accepted the lies that we can live the way we want without consequence. He has always desired to intervene in our conscience and bring His heaven to earth. He sent Jesus to die so that He could live inside of us and bring His Kingdom and do His will on earth as it is in heaven. Yet, the people are just as blind now to this mystery as the disciples were when Jesus was trying to explain it when He walked the earth. He wants those who call Him Lord to RELEASE Him! And that can only happen when we understand the revelation of the mystery of identification. The cry for God to open the floodgates of heaven is not for us to receive the material blessings of this world but for Him to INCREASE inside of our temple and EXPAND His glory in us. The more presence we have in our life the more the world can see and touch and know who He is! As we lay down who we are and decrease our identity the more JESUS can be revealed. God is not holding His church back or limiting their opportunity to glorify His name – they are! He has not locked up the spiritual gifts and tools of triumph in the closet but rather has UNLOCKED the miracles of His power and is waiting for them (US) to step out with RADICAL, AGGRESSIVE faith!

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