A Satisfied You vs. A Possible You


That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him: The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may KNOW what is the hope of His calling, and what the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints.” (Ephesians 1:17-18)

So who is this “possible person” I am searching for? Can I identify him or her? Can I see or know who this unique individual is and what he or she will become? We have asked these questions all year and hopefully we are closer to the answer than when we started. Only you can realize the difference between the “satisfied you” and the “possible you” because you are the one that can decide whom you will serve. Only you can choose vision of your destiny and act on it! If we allow our will to be in control we will never accomplish God’s plan. We may do many things but He will not be impressed or pleased. Only you can stop your will from controlling your mind and only you can take a serious look at God’s blueprints for you future and begin to dig the foundation of your new life!

If you have not noticed yet, this message is about personal transformation. Let us realize that a library of inspirational books would not scratch the surface about this topic. It is no secret that the spirit of slumber can contaminate our soul and frequently invites guest into our life such as laziness, lethargy, a hard heart and a general attitude of I don’t care. Why is this? I believe it is worth the time to look in the mirror and notice a serious habit that we just seem to “naturally” develop and that is our love for security. We work all day and tolerate many things that we do not enjoy which causes us much stress and anxiety. Then, what do we all look forward to doing when our day is finished? We long to go to our cozy little house, pull the shades, lock the doors and enjoy the comfort and safety of our “refuge.” Brother, are you implying that this might be a bad thing? Not unless it causes us to develop a shortage of love. How so? If we allow our mind to retreat into a world of private isolation, we can subconsciously learn to avoid contact with others. These feelings can grow stronger until we actually enjoy being with ourselves more than being with others which in turn causes us to NOT think about people or care about them. When we stop for a moment and consider the negative results of such a lifestyle, we know this is a direct reason why we do not PRAY like we should. Prayer is a result of love. The more we love the more we pray! A wonderful first step toward personal transformation would be to ask God to give us a burden for souls and a stronger love for others than we have for ourselves. Selah.

If you are serious about change, it would be wise to search within your past to find certain events that has greatly influenced your direction. If your life is not going like you know it should, you can trace your steps until you find where you drifted away from your destiny. For example, negative comments that were said by others may have been seeds that produced discouragement and these distorted thoughts became absorbed and accepted into your state of being. In more severe cases we know that rejection for any reason can affect the way we think and have a major impact on our personality and decisions. Being abused is another huge wound that can distort our mind and cause us to live in a “matrix” world that is filled with lies, fear, distrust, anxiety, depression and anger just to name a few. You must not only “see” that this is a major reason why you are the way you are because people usually know “why” they are struggling, but it is the determination to go through God’s “rehab” program of forgiveness and restoration that seems like climbing a mountain that has no peak! You may be disappointed about HOW the Lord has “molded” you and are struggling with the idea of forgiveness. Maybe a lack of confidence or a lack of understanding has cost you dearly and now you wish you could go back and do things differently while the devil harasses you about it being too late. Have you ever felt condemned because of something you have done in your past that keeps haunting you and beating you down with shame? Allow me to say that whatever is hindering you from living in God’s perfect peace and FREEDOM is a weapon of condemnation from Satan to keep the strongman in bondage! If he can keep you in the darkness of intimidation, he can prevent the miracle of God’s healing power being manifested in you and likewise ruin your potential of becoming a victorious overcomer. Remember, the Lord’s truth is the most powerful light in the universe that is trying to get your attention so that He can teach you His Word. Understanding His covenant promises will “unlock” spiritual doors to a new reality of power and liberty that He intended for you to walk in. However, in order to change the way you are from this time forward, you must see the “satisfied you” as the way you USED to be and embrace the “possible you” as the way you CAN be! Amen!

The Lord wants to challenge us! He loves to provoke us because it makes us THINK! How can we progress if we do not meditate? How can we evolve without becoming saturated with His wisdom? Here are three distinct developmental phases of life that we can learn and implement in order to achieve our goals. The first part is what I will call the “satisfied you” and is everything about you that makes up how, why and who you are now. This current, “real time” you, is the result of all that you have done whether good or bad, how you have interpreted it, how you have formed your views and has become a perfect snapshot of your state of being. The second part of this triangle is the “possible you.” This is something you may have dreamed about or possibly something you have never seen or thought about before. You see, some people live from day to day and are completely content to allow the “default system” to mold them into whatever and guide them wherever. This manifestation of a dormant soul has not been pre-destined for mediocrity but has been placed in neutral by the “will” as a choice. Dwelling in the proverbial “comfort zone” is an easy place to live which includes lots of pleasure and relaxation but not much thinking, just enough work to get by, and of course intentional distraction. The “satisfied you” chooses to live in a self-induced coma because it is a wonderful way to play hide and seek with accountability, responsibility and destiny. However, beyond all the game playing there is a hidden revelation of hope. We can stay a caterpillar all of our life and eat and sleep for 90 years WITHOUT becoming what Christ died for us to be, OR we can go through the larvae stage of transformation and develop into a new creation that soars into the heavenlies. We already have the green light from the creator to spread our wings, but until we are “ignited” with His passion and inspired with His faith – we will be like an airplane that is too heavy with doubt and fear to lift off the ground! The third part is the most difficult part. It is the decision whether or not you actually want to change. If you do – you must become determined to see yourself the way God sees you. We must make a holy VOW to God and ourselves that we will do whatever it takes to allow His supernatural transformation to become a divine reality within us. If you have decided to follow Jesus from the inside out – then prepare your life to be turned upside down. Selah.

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