God Invites But Does Not Force!


The Lord is very interested in us. He created us and everyone knows that whatever you create, you watch it, protect it and are proud of it. God listens to every word we say and knows every thought we have. He would love to help us change but He is waiting patiently for us to come to the point that we call on Him to help us. However, it is MORE than just saying words…it is meaning it with our heart. We must be completely focused in faith and ready to surrender our will to His will. Change is God’s specialty but if we are not serious, He is not deceived. He loves us so much that He cannot compromise. Go before Him with a broken and contrite heart and He will flood your heart with His power and wisdom. Is God or your flesh in control? There is literal misery living with the internal conflict of regret. Anger and resentment toward our own decisions we have made can torment our conscience and directly affect how we think about our future. Discouragement can become so heavy that it can convince us that we cannot become anything more than what we already are. This self-image of low esteem is related to depression and hopelessness and has no place in the life of the believer. We all have times of feeling down but this is usually the result of taking our eyes from Christ and looking at the stormy waves and wind. Remember, when John kept his eyes on Jesus he walked on the water but when he allowed fear to overwhelm him, he began to sink. It is crucially important that we stop living in denial and ask God for the courage to lay ALL of our cards on the table. Taking a personal inventory of our heart is a great place to start because it reveals what you have and what you need. Examining our conscience is like taking inventory and launching a strategy proposal so that we know where we are and where we need to be? Instead of living with our head in the sand and allowing our negative emotions to control our destiny, it is time to push “satisfied-self” off the throne and invite Christ to be our Lord and King. This is not easy, in fact it will take our entire life to learn and develop into this way of living. Harvesting has to do as much with planting words as it does a crop in the fields, and if we allow heaviness and sadness to be planted in the rich soil of our conscience, we can be sure that if we water them with doubt and negative confession, a huge crop of oppression will flourish. These dark clouds can block the beautiful rays of light from God’s Son and deceive us into thinking that we are a failure or that our labor is nor desired or appreciated. Satisfied-self is always ready to give up and forget about trying to persevere because it is an extension of the old carnal nature and it has every intention to dominate our thought life until we become determined to do something about it. Until the vision and desire of the possible self becomes stronger than the “established” satisfied self – we will stay the same! You will never be the person you desire to be unless you can “see” the possible you with the eyes of your spirit. Selah.

The most important aspect of the metamorphous process is to make certain that the individual you see is the person God has called you to be. Freewill has been given to each man and woman but as Christians this does not mean we can become whatever WE want to be. When we were redeemed with the blood of Jesus, this meant that we were literally purchased from the eternal legalities of spiritual law. In other words we were all doomed because of the curse of the fall to be hopelessly destined to everlasting punishment and separation from God. Within this purchase agreement there is a covenant vow that declares that everything God has is ours and all that we have is His. We have no problem dancing and shouting about inheriting the riches of heaven but become selective when it comes to surrendering our most loved possession. And what exactly is that? I thought you would never ask – our will. We want to enjoy unlimited natural and spiritual blessings while still clinging to the freedom to do whatever we want. This is not going to work! He is not blind nor deceived to our game playing. Since He bought us and that means He now owns us. We can play around all we want but the true reality is that He wants our intentions, motives, desires, energy, dreams, plans, hopes, visions, and decisions which sums up in one word; our heart. Until we “see” this divine revelation we will always think that we are in charge of our own destiny and that we can do anything in our own strength and courage. This is a twisted view of the successful life. The truth is that we must see exactly what God has designed for us to be and with His anointing and intervention He will bless our labor and faith in order to accomplish HIS will in our life for HIS glory! Getting all the pieces arranged correctly is crucial when it comes to being truly blessed and victorious.

“IF my people which are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and will heal their land.” (II Chronicles 7:14)

This has been a popular verse for many years and is one of the strongest and clearest encouragements for the body of Christ when it comes to repentance and prayer. It has mostly been used in the context of God’s children being re-dedicated back to God so that He can deliver them from the hardships and difficulties resulting from sin. However, I do not believe it would be wrong to allow this verse to also be used as a meditation and confession about walking with Him as lifestyle. Instead of thinking exclusively about God bringing restoration and blessings to a nation as a whole, we could pray that God would align our will with His will so that His purpose can be manifested IN US personally! I realize that trying to understand the hidden mysteries of how God operates behind the scenes will take more than just “surface mining.” I also believe that we can see and hear many things with our spiritual eyes and ears – IF they are open. As always, He is willing to bend over backwards to help us, but He is “limited” by what we allow Him to do. Yes, I know it sounds disrespectful and blasphemous, but I am convinced we can prevent God from accomplishing His desires in us.

Brother God can do anything and everything – He is God! How dare you even mention the possibility that there may be something He cannot do if He wants to do it! He is the creator of all things and His sovereignty gives Him the authority to decide all things and makes Him in total control! Well, it is not my intention to take anything away from the glory and splendor of God’s majesty, but truth has the power to set people free from their ignorance and the bondages that result from the lack of knowledge. Take this verse for example; It begins with a very important word, “IF”. Just this first word indicates that it is the decision of the people that will depend on whether God intervenes a little, some or not at all. We must be in agreement that God always wants to forgive and bless, but He does not “make” people repent! In this light, we must also agree that God does not always see His will accomplished every time in everyone. I understand how unusual this sounds but there are times when He is disappointed and saddened about the choices people make. You can go through the entire Bible and see the numerous situations where individuals made the wrong choices and suffered the consequences of disobedience. God was with them, trying to warn them and help them, but their free-will gave them the power to control their destiny. So why am I saying all this? I am trying to put the spotlight on the fact that everything that happens is not necessarily God’s fault, but rather WE have direct responsibility when it comes to running and winning the race of life. “Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily beset (harass, tempt, attack, afflict, trouble, oppress, plague, torment) us, and let us RUN with patience the RACE that is set before us.” (Hebrews: 12:1) It is NOT God’s desire that we partake in sin and allow our life to become so entangled with carnality that we cannot run. Likewise, it is not God’s fault that we finish our life in disappointment, sadness and failure. You see, the miracle we are looking for is within our own heart. We just need to understand how it can be manifested through God’s power and for His glory. In this light it may be possible that we are holding back our own victory with refusing to let go of our favorite sin.

Sometimes we think about our spiritual life and do a quick summary of how we are doing and usually we come up with a general clean bill of health. Of course our flesh is often the doctor in charge and his opinions are of course biased according to his own convictions. This old nature is a happy go lucky type that never sees the harm in doing anything as long as it gives pleasure to the body. Instead of being disappointed at being deceived, the flesh is actually content with it because it simply means that it does not have to worry or stress over reality. In fact the flesh is so determined to avoid reality that it cannot stand to be anywhere that is quiet. Why? Because when it is quiet the old nature is afraid that we will hear God’s voice and that we might be drawn to His presence. If this is given a chance to evolve, the heart just might reach out by faith and accept the love of God which will destroy the stronghold of the old nature and replace him with a new Lord and Master of the soul. It is clear why the flesh loves to live in the darkness and saturate itself in the chaos of noise and distraction. The truth is that most of the time we are not doing well within our heart and we have issues that need to be dealt with. Only when we become serious with our relationship with God and have a passion to become more pure will we ever come closer to His flame.

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