Considering Others


How many times do we as musicians and singers consider the band member that stands on stage with us? Do we admire their talent and respect their sacrifice as being important to God? How much do we pray for their spiritual well-being and development? They are fighting in the same spiritual warfare and against the same enemy as we are. They are struggling through some of the same issues that we are and trying to allow God to stretch them – just like us. Have you ever stopped and thought about a brother or sister that has been given a musical ministry and how they battle stress, worry, anxiety, jealousy, inferiority, fatigue, fear, envy, personality conflicts, strife, frustration, aggravation, pride, burnout and apathy. I realize that it is a lot of work to just deal with ourselves but what about us praying for others that they will be successful in God also? How serious do we see others as fellow ministers of the gospel and how much do we “hope” they accomplish their personal mission? Do you believe that encouraging others might have a positive effect in your own attitude and ministry? I am so glad you answered yes!

It is not about who is the best or who is in front because the gifts and talents are mixed together to produce one spiritual sound. We practice in private throughout the week because the more skilled an individual becomes the better the entire group becomes. Every team member must see the big picture of this unified “sound” and not become jealous or envious of those who have different gifts or might be experiencing a season of rich anointing. Let us rejoice and be happy for one another when God chooses to bless individuals. It is very important for the entire team to concentrate on God with the eyes of their heart and be reminded their labor is a holy personal offering of an alabaster box of love. This attitude and state of consciousness is nothing new because the daily Christian life always involves sacrifice, sensitivity and surrender; it is the nature of Jesus. Being a leader (we are all leaders) is not creating our own visions and concepts of God’s power and glory but simply listening to His voice and confidently following the perfect destiny of HIS purpose. It is inviting Him to come into our midst and allowing Him to be Himself.

Yes, it is true our personality and ability is an important part of the effectiveness but we must remember that even this is a part of the “spiritual” calling. We are anointed to do what God has destined us to accomplish. Worship is a form of communication to God and about God and together we present a unified effort that earnestly seeks the super-natural manifestation of God. Worship is an expression of our love.

God is doing something specific with each of his children all over the world at the same time. Everyone is at a different ministry level in their personal relationship with the Lord and we must be aware of this beautiful, constant “snapshot” of progressive maturity. As leaders we need to not only observe and discern the spirits but also to consistently search within ourselves the motives and attitudes of our own thoughts and actions. May we lay down our agendas and try to help others develop in order that we might see God’s Kingdom flourish. It will be the difference between us just playing music and us becoming a musical “bridge builder” in God’s Kingdom. Our purpose is to honor God – our calling is to edify His people – and our destination is His throne. We sacrifice our time because we offer ourselves as a servant under the Lordship of our master. And in humility we serve each other because we sense and are learning how much compassion God has for everyone. This gift of holiness and righteousness included as part of our total salvation comes with a built-in “burden” and concern for all souls. Who will we see the revelation that our love “awareness” is not just for the lost but also for our fellow laborers?

It is always about motives, attitudes, and the intentions of our heart. It is not about us and all that we can do – it is being completely dependent on the Holy Spirit. Whether leading worship, teaching, praying for the sick, leading a ministry or anything else connected with Kingdom deeds, it is not our “power” that accomplishes the work. When we demonstrate a religious performance it is only a shadow, an imposter, a generic substitute of the genuine but when God flows through us, we sense HIS presence and see HIS glory. When we step on stage we are entering into a realm where nothing is impossible because the words of God are being “launched” into the ears and hearts of those who are thirsty. We take our position as a “sower of seed” and by faith we believe that God can change any situation. We are a team of farmers trying to be used as plows so that God can plant His LIFE. “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell in unity!” (Psalm 133:1)

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