From Firecrackers to Dynamite


I have heard and read about the anointing of the Holy Spirit most of my life but can anyone truly understand all the mysteries related to His work? The Holy Spirit is a person just like Jesus and the Father and though most people do not think about the anointing that much, we know he is the comforter and helper that Jesus sent to enable us to accomplish our mission and represent His Kingdom. Ok, I’ve read Isaiah 61, but how does this relate to me and what does all this have to do with worship? He converts the natural into the super-natural!

What is the anointing? You can do an extensive research of the definition and you can follow each scripture reference in your Strong’s concordance but that still might not explain how He works. You will find many references to the Greek word “chrisma” as literal oil that is applied in a spiritual dedication as a “type and shadow” of divine commission. This anointing can turn an uneducated fisherman into a skilled orator who can pierce the hearts of a multitude and leave their mouths gaping in astonishment. The root word “chiro” is the word that refers to Christ which means Messiah – the Anointed One. You will also find references to sacred anointing oil made of olive oil, myrrh, cinnamon, cane, cassia and various spices. It was used to anoint everything holy in the Old Testament tabernacle. It was used as a very serious ceremony of consecration for the priest as they were being set apart for holy service, (Lev. 8:10-30 – Lev. 21:10-12 – Num.4:16). The anointing also refers to the consecration of kings, (I Sam.10:1). We see the Spirit of God blessing Saul with authority after he was anointed as king and then empowering David when he was anointed as king. (I Samuel 16:13) Here we see the oil as not just a symbol of God’s Holy Spirit but rather as an “instrument” or point of contact, as God was manifested where the oil was applied. It is difficult to understand the connection with the oil, but we also see it in the New Testament when Jesus sent out the twelve disciples and gave them authority over evil spirits and they anointed the sick and they were healed (Mark 6:13). “The anointing is heavenly power that is manifested through earthly people – to do God’s miracles. Without it we can do nothing but make a lot of worthless noise.”

Today it is very common to anoint those who are called to the ministry with oil as they are commissioned and ordained with prayer and the laying on of hands. We anoint babies as we dedicate them to the Lord and use oil for those who need physical healing, rededication to God’s service, to drive away and protect against evil spirits and to pronounce blessings. We can see that God’s word is filled with this enablement with saints such as Daniel, Elijah, Elisha, Joshua, Moses, Aaron, Isaiah, Samson, Abraham, Isaac, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Peter, Stephen, Paul, John all the way through! Think of all the average people who became divinely empowered to accomplish God’s mission, Martin Luther, John Calvin, all the martyrs who was given the anointing to die in faith, Hugh Latimer, Nicholas Ridley, John Bradford, John Wesley, George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards, the list goes on and on. God has never changed and is still looking for people like you to anoint and do His mighty work in the earth!

As you already know, trying to work for God’s Kingdom has times of triumph and joy along with many disappointments and frustrations. In our ministry journey we learn through trial and error the obvious difference between the glorious “unction” of the Holy Spirit and the noble (yet dry) efforts of the flesh. We can tell when the anointing is on us and we can also sense when He is moving through others. The question is: Since we are filled with the Spirit; why is He not surging through us and allowing us to glow with His power all the time? We can basically boil it down to only two explanations: maybe we are not always in position to be endued with power from on high. Maybe God watches our “moment by moment” spiritual condition and releases this extra voltage when He knows we are “usable”. Or maybe it is just completely based on God’s sovereign decision to pour it on us – in His way and His time. If it depends on us getting into the position to be empowered then we can blame it on ourselves when we are not operating in this super-natural manifestation. If it is God moving on us as He desires then it is purely unmerited favor and a blessing of His marvelous grace. What do you think?

We are given heavenly gifts from God’s throne of love and mercy such as Jesus blood providing our salvation and the eternal security of His promises. Along with these foundations of our faith we must include the anointing of the Holy Spirit because it is the “fuel” that runs the engine of our spiritual life on this earth – without Him we will only be another “vehicle” broke down on the side of the road. He is like the key ingredient of a fabulous recipe; with Him our witness will cause the world to have an appetite for Jesus but without him even the dogs will turn their nose up. The anointing is what convicted us – and is the only power that can draw others to repentance.

So how can we get more? Every child of God has the anointing of God in them because they have Jesus in their heart and have the potential to be filled with the Holy Spirit. It is very important for those who are seeking the anointing or a stronger anointing to spend more time with God and understand how important it is to be baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. This will have a direct impact on your thoughts which in turn will influence your spiritual life as your vision becomes enhanced with stronger abilities to discern and comprehend what is going on around you. You will also be more sensitive to the voice of God to make decisions, more courage to stand, boldness to proclaim His truth, more compassion and burdens for souls, a greater enlightenment and understanding of God’s word and being more willing to yield to His conviction and become transformed into the image of Christ. And as an added bonus your ministry will go from being more “emotional driven” to more “spirit empowered.”

When we operate in the flesh while trying to accomplish a spiritual task it is like climbing a cliff. Some have described the anointing as a time and place where our gift functions easily and with ease. Some say that when they are experiencing the anointing it seems “natural” and no “working it up” is needed.
You will find in your ministry that it is either there, or it is not. We can have it one night and not the next. And if we have to work it up, we have probably gone outside our anointing into our own abilities. Without God’s presence the result is so discouraging that many even question their calling. Depending on His anointing makes the difference between us being at peace in our ministry or us falling under the weight of weariness, disillusion and burnout. Let us also remember that we do not engage in today’s spiritual activity with yesterdays anointing! We must seek God’s face everyday and cry out for fresh revelation and expectation. He lives in a higher dimension and is waiting for us to function in His realm. “The Lord is my strength and my shield: my heart trusted in Him, and I am HELPED: therefore my heart greatly rejoices; and with MY SONG will I praise Him. The Lord is their STRENGTH, and He is the saving strength of His ANOINTED.” (Psalm 28:7-8)

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