Constant Eye Contact


We build our opinions and views from what we see. The problem is that we are seeing way too much of this world and not enough of the realm of God’s word. We “watch” others, then filter these opinions within our own built-in legal system and it produces our judgment of the situation. We just need to remind our brain how the Kingdom of God is not constructed with an earthly foundation or a fleshly way of working and thinking. Not only do we need to think less highly of ourselves in this arena but it is important to remember the church is not built on anyone else’s personality either. If we put our faith in the talents, leadership and charisma of others we will always be disappointed. Pastors and leaders are wonderful and can build a vibrant body of believers as well as great outreach ministries and anointed worship but the true “CHURCH” is built on the solid rock of Christ which He is the chief cornerstone. Lord, open the eyes of my heart that I might see your glory!

Take revival for example; it is not found by traveling somewhere to “get it” and it is not just brought in by a human evangelist. It is not a goose bump feeling or a contagious movement of religious emotion. We build our own fires in our prayer closet and we keep it burning with our obedience. It is stepping up to a higher level with God or being restored to a place we have been before. It is an awakening and sensing the personal conviction of the Holy Spirit and yielding our will to Him through a “one on one” spiritual experience of refreshing and rededication. We can go as deep with God as we choose and can have as much of the Holy Spirit manifesting as we can handle, right where we are – all the time. But Billy, what does all this have to do with worship? Our personal revival and worship with God is far beyond singing songs and going to church; true worship is remembering to keep spiritual eye contact with God everywhere we go – in everything we do.

Serving in church ministry is not playing a political game or being a part of a social club but it’s simply about pure spiritual love for God and His people. If that is not our reason – we labor in vain. Sharing an intimate relationship with Jesus that is built completely on trusting His word and His voice is what it’s all about. You see, if our worship is not a personal, constant eye contact with God we will be easily discouraged because we have put too much faith in other people or programs. Spiritual maturity is a place where we realize the difference between what we do and who we are and the twisted idea that our deeds can take the place of our intimacy in the secret place. When God was speaking to the churches in the book of Revelation we notice that everything was not based on their works only – but the attitude of their heart and their thoughts and this exposed their overall spiritual condition. “Open the eyes of my heart Lord – I want to see you – I want to see you.” Songs like this are not only for our curiosity about what God looks like but it’s also a window to see ourselves the way we really are and allows us to truly see others with God’s heart.

We sacrifice our time because we offer ourselves as a servant under the Lordship of our master. And in humility we serve each other because we sense and are learning how much compassion God has for everyone. This gift of holiness and righteousness included as part of our total salvation comes with a built-in “burden” for souls and a sincere concern for the needs and pains of others. How will we know unless we can see?

It has always been about motives, attitudes, and the intentions of our heart. It is not about us and all that we can do – it is being humbly dependent on the Holy Spirit. Whether leading worship, teaching, praying for the sick, leading a ministry or any type of help connected with the Kingdom, it is not our “power” that accomplishes the work. When we only demonstrate a religious performance it is just a shadow and a generic substitute of the genuine. But when God flows through us, we sense His presence and others can see His glory. Would we act any differently if God appeared in church one day? Would we not put our programs away and gladly turn the service over to Him? Why don’t we do that now? Just because we cannot literally see Him we need not forget He is there? If we are not trying to see Him we will miss Him. If we believe our ceremonies are more important than Him, we are filled with pride and deception. I do not want more religion – I want more of Jesus! There is such life-changing wisdom in the simple song that say’s, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.”

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