The Handoff


The relationship between the senior pastor and the worship pastor plays a vital role in the spiritual anointing of the corporate church service. To have a smooth transfer from music to teaching there must be a bond of trust and a unified connection of thought between the two individuals. As the worship leader begins the journey and leads the people into the presence of God, it is the senior pastor that has the overall vision and Holy Spirit “inspiration” for the entire service. Somehow in the realm of space and time, the service must be transferred from the one that has been leading and then passed to the one who will take it in the “holy crossroad” and move toward a specific destination. It is like God is in the control tower and the pilot and co-pilot is flying the plane. The co-pilot can fly awhile but he hands it over to the pilot who knows how, when and where to land safely. Each minister is trying to listen to every word that is coming from the “flight coordinator” as the service hinges on their willingness to obey.

There is not a lot of discussion about this subject probably because most have not really thought about it and many rarely even notice this occurrence. When I am leading worship I do at times become “lost” in God’s presence but when we are coming to the point of intimacy and “soaking” I can feel myself being aware of the senior pastor and will try to find eye contact with him when I sense the time for transfer is near. I’ve noticed that he also “awakens” from his time of adoration with Father and becomes sensitive to the right time to take over. I love for the transfer to happen while the music is still playing as the Holy Spirit is still moving on the hearts of the congregation. It makes for a seamless “handoff” when God’s presence is intense and gives the pastor the option to continue with gifts and ministry or if he does not feel the persuasion to linger, he can gently bring it to an end and continue moving forward.

God places senior pastors as leaders of His assemblies and they are surrounded by fellow laborers in the ministry. The spirit of unity is at the heart of what makes the church function and God’s love provides the power for the anointing. There is a divine order within the body that brings strength and glory to God’s church and it is an honor to witness this blessing. Someone needs to take the “bull by the horns” that has the discernment to know what to do and where to lead. This is NOT as easy as it may seem. People may want to share a word and this must be judged as being from God. If there needs to be correction this is the time and place to bring instruction with love. If the leader (pastor) is afraid to be bold and deal with certain issues, the church will suffer and many times will scatter from the lack of confidence and respect.

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